Monday, October 8, 2012

There's a Square in There: Baby Girl's Edition

These super girly "There's a Square in There" baby quilts were really fun to make. I love how the pink, orange, yellow and lime Erin McMorris fabrics pop against the white. I haven't seen a quilt yet using Kate's pattern that doesn't look good. I love the modern boldness of the squares and the border at the top and bottom of the quilt adds some extra length and fun!

One of the quilts was quilted in a figure of 8 pattern (by none other than Jeannette from The Quilting Platypus). I think this all-over quilting pattern looks great on all sorts of quilts.


It was backed in another floral co-ordinating Erin McMorris print and a pink and yellow binding.

Here's the 2nd quilt.

This one was quilted with an overall swirl pattern which is less dense than the figure of 8 pattern.

And was also backed and bound in coordinating Erin McMorris prints.

Aren't they cute hanging out together? :)


  1. Pretty! I agree with you about the white background.

  2. Gorgeous! I bet that pattern would be equally cute in boys colors too! LOVE te white background!!!